Aye Its 151

Glowing balls

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This is the first project that we worked on that I thoroughly enjoyed doing and had fun creating it. Back a few years ago I was astounded by very high quality backgrounds and was amazed by some of the looks of them. I always had a soft spot for the ones that were just simple shapes but had a Tron-esque vibe to it. And when I was told we were being given the opportunity to create one of those backgrounds, I was more than happy. To this day this is still one of my favorite projects we worked on in class and I will never regret giving 100% of attention to detail of this project.

151 Aye

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This was one of the few projects I had trouble with in the beginning of the class, but as time went on, I started to get the hand of coloring all of the separate faces and adding the emissive properties to the correct faces. At first, the font I had chosen had a lot of small faces that I didn't see, and I had to go over the type multiple times to make sure the face was colored correctly. Getting the right emissive percentage was somewhat hard because I wanted to resemble a foggy type look, but it would end up being too blurry for the reader to see. So after some tinkering, I managed to get the perfect percentage and really liked the look of it.

Small Sqaure Bedroom

↑ Small Bedroom ↑

This was a small project we worked on in class so that the end product of each of the students bedroom would be connected, and made into a giant 3D hexagonal shape. The end result looked really good and I was impressed by everyone's work and thought that it was impressive that we all got this done within one school day.