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About Me

A photograph I took over the summer

My name is Carter Marshall, and I was born June 13th, 2004. I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and have moved around to Massachusetts and Georgia before coming up to live in Vermont. I love photography, and before COVID, I used to take weekend trips to go photograph all the different places and things I had seen. I experiment highly with DOF images, and enjoy when I get that perfect capture of what I was looking at. Not only that, but I also love playing instruments. I started off playing trumpet, but more recently have I leaned towards guitars.

Current Goals and Raison D'être

One of my favorite photos of a lilac I found by Lake Champlain

One of my main goals out of my entire life is to see my name in a credits screen for a big game. Being able to have my name etched in history on a game from a major company would be something I could show to everyone that doubted my career choice as a game developer/modeler. One smaller goal when I eventually want to settle down is to open a small corner coffee shop in a small town. Having a peaceful setting, along with regulars that I would be able to meet is an amazing goal for the end of my career. The photos I take during my free time can also be incorporated in that coffee shop.

Bucket List

Own my own Coffee Shop

Seee my own name in a credits screen

Start a side business in professional photography

Prove those who thought timidly of me wrong

Further my career in Development/Modeling

a summer