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Since starting the CAWD program at the Center for Technology, Essex, I would consider a lot of my work to be good contenders but none of them compare my best. That being said we learned how to use Adobe Premiere throughout our classes, to manipulate audio, cut and edit footage, and even turn it into an mp4 file. Learning the art of editing and even on my own personal time learning cinematography as well I believe to be eligible for my CAWD certificate. We first started learning this craft in class with our teacher Mr. Cronin. We only were taught a couple of tricks going into it like a couple of hot keys and getting familiar with software. Later on as we kept using it we started cutting and clipping other footage together creating a whole new video. I am proud of this project because it is the very first video I ever made. It taught me how to edit, and eventually I learned my own style with editing and making videos. Below is a link to an edit I had to make for my animation class. We had an option to use the new software (Adobe Premiere) we had learned in class. This software is for editing and creating material with footage we have collected. The goal was to use this software to create a whole new video with footage we have already collected. I like to find a song that will fit the footage. I was using the skills I learned in the class. I had no other prior knowledge of this software other than what we were taught in class. Ever since I made that video I have been making many more videos. I learned much more about the software and eventually my own style for making my videos.