Daniel Marcou

My Current Car

Scion tC

This is my car. It is a 2010 Scion tC RS 6.0. It has been totaled twice since I bought it but only once when it was in my possesion. It was totaled in January when my dad was driving it because his car was in the shop getting worked on. We bought the car back and repaired it and now its as good as new.

My Dream Car


My dream car is a 1992 Nissan Skyline R32. I like JDM cars and JDM means Japanese domestic market and its basically a category of cars that are made in Japan. The Skyline R32 is a JDM car and I really like the style of the car. The engine in the car is a RB26DETT which is a 6 cylinder engine which makes the car have about 280 horsepower.


FD RX-7 Blender Remake

The FD RX-7 is a JDM car that I love very much. I like the car so much that I decided to remake it one week for homework. Its not the greatest image but I still like it and I think it looks decently accurate for a low poly form of the car. This was created in Blender and I enjoy remaking cars that I like in Blender.