Sci-Fi Environment

Sci Fi world

I made this in Blender. It took about 30min to make and I was following a video tutorial for it. The render came out much better than I thought it would've. I really enjoy looking at this image because in my opinion it is very pretty.

Satisfying Animation

I made this animation a few weeks ago. I like how satisfying it is and i like how it looks. Although it looks really cool it wasn't very hard to make and actually was pretty easy. Its a very simple design.

Car Design

car made in blender

I made this car in blender because I enjoy looking at cars and learning about them. This car wasn't really based off of anything but I think it looks like a Camaro.

About Me

I'm Daniel, I like to play video games, I enjoy streaming on Twitch, I make Youtube videos occasionally although I typically unlist them. I play video games alot, and its mostly 2 games that I play, those games are Rust and Valorant. I like these games alot and i've spent way too much time on them to be honest. I have spent more than 3,000 hours on Rust and I believe I'm pretty good at it whereas in Valorant I haven't spent nearly as much time. I also enjoy doing other things like watching anime such as Naruto, Vinland Saga, Re:Zero, and others. I also have an interest in cars, some of my favorites being a Nissan 240SX S13, and a Mk4 Toyota Supra. They are very popular cars and a pretty basic favorite but I still like them very much and someday hope to drive one if possible. Right now I drive a Scion tC and it recently was totaled but got repaired and I have it back in my possesion thankfully.