Flynn Peckham
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About me

I always have been passionate about creating art but only recently considered it as a career bellow is a a bit about my interests I have a passion for story-telling. When I was five-years old, I would create my own comics by stapling paper together to form small books, and then I would fill every page with ideas and illustrations. In middle school, I discovered, a web-platform that allowed me to share my comics online. When I got to high school I became involved with the school literary magazine, The MMUse and eventually became its art director. Through The MMuse I was able to showcase my comics and artwork to the entire school. Throughout high school, I have taken every opportunity I could find to write and tell stories. In my spare time, I devour books and podcasts on writing. Through these experiences, I continue to hone my skills as a writer and storyteller.

I am an active member of the Vermont rock climbing and mountain biking communities. I have shown my support for both through participation, volunteering, trail building, climbing route development, photography, and community events. Over the years my sense of community and involvement with these sports has grown. When not creating digital art I enjoy creative writing, making comics, Ultimate frisbee, Rock Climbing, Hiking, and Snowboarding.