Jack Mahar

Week 17 Agency Project

frog monster

Working with modeling of mosters and textures, as well as emission materials. This piece of work was inspired by a fat bear but turned into a fat frog platypus creature. My friends and I had some good laughs while they gave me their input on the the project while I was in the middle of making it. I had a lot of fun making it, my blender software crashed muultiple times due to the high subdivisions of the creature which set me back a few times because I always forget to save.

Week 25 Agency Project

For this project I was experimenting with the ocean modifier in blender along with shrinkwraps and object constraints. This ends up giving the illusion of the barrel floating on the water. I also added and HDRI so that the lighting of the scene was as close to real life as possible. I decided to do this project after watching a few videos on Sea of Thieves, a video game where you go around as a pirate looking for treasure. The game has very good water elements and I decided i wanted to try to replicate it.

Week 19 Agency Project

This project was me messing around with fluid simulations. I was inspired to do this when i walked by a culvert on the street after heavy snow melt. I watched a Youtube tutorial of how to make te pipe interacct with the fluid then put my own twist on it so that I wasn't ripping off someone elses work.