Jasper Nolin

Distracted Driving Animation

My name is Jasper Nolin and I am currently a junior at EHS. I am in the computer animation and web design class at CTE. Throughout the year we've been learning how to build, rig, animate, and edit our own animations. Recently me and another classmate, Ryan, have been working on an animation for a contest about distracted driving. We made a 25 second video where someone driving a car is texting and does not see the other person crossing the street. Here is a picture of the scene and the objects in it. Unfortunately the person is hit, and that's where the animation ends.


Recently in class we learned about typography. Typography is when you use words to make an image. So if there is a foot you would write the word foot as many times as it takes until it looks like a foot. Or if there's an eye you could write eye, and then pupil at the center. You can also use different font styles and colors to make the image more interesting. This is the rabbit I made for class is an example of reflective typography. As you can see I used different font styles and colors to create the rabbit.

Cartoon Animation

A friend in CAWD 2 showed me an animation where he used toon shaders, and drew an animation. The use of toon shaders allows for the animation to look more cartoony. I decided not to do a drawn animation, but build the elements instead. I followed a couple tutorials on how to use different effects to make a short looping animation, and make it look more cartoony. I made a ping pong paddle rotate each time it hit the ball up. It flops around to give in more of a cartoony feel. I hope to make more of these in the future, and eventually try the drawn animation.

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