Null Arts Studios

Below these words or some pieces of work that I have create during my time practicing blender


A mass of tentacles 4x bigger than neptune heading towards a planet

Above these words is a piece of work that I have created During my time in CAWD. the first one is a Trigaru as I call it. what it is supposed to be is a living alien ship capable of traveling faster than the speed of light. it has a beak used for the consumption of entire planets using it as fuel for itself. for defense, it has multiple Tentacles that can destroy virtually anything that gets too close to it. the alien ship is home to billions of Yit'Garan Organisms. Yit'Garan origins say that they are a fairly young alien race capable of higher thought by themselves and join together to form massive Coalitions and "liberate" planets from the other empires. Only 3 of these things exist.


Picture of a unfinised model

The creature here is based on an idea of either a highly dangerous subject being transformed into a monster meant to be on the frontlines as cannon fodder but more than definitely capable of holding its own. The backstory to this Failure(name of Creature) During the time of the first Delamish Incursion against the Karosness They had dropped multitudes of Virus bombs to demoralize the Karosness Troops and kill them slowly and in massive numbers. Multiple troopers that were killed were brought back to a research station but had contaminated the entire science teams examining them and forcing them to mutate into these Failures. This image is still a prototype in design and may change in the future when a better one or a much more detailed design is made to replace the current image that is here.

A Furret||Outline

an outline of a Furret from pokemon with words

This is the outline of a Furret my favorite type of pokemon and when we were told to create something with typography and use specific words to describe the thing we are outlining. All of the words that are surrounding it (except the spiky tail part) describe the Furret in many ways as well as putting the words in the correct places to show a Furret. The reason as to why Furret is my favorite Pokemon is because I own a ferret of my own and love her very much thus my love for ferrets carry over to the Furret who is based on a ferret hence the name similarity.