His name is Ryan Roberge!

Dream Build Subaru WRX

2018 Subaru WRX with Varis WideBody Kit

Have a Look at Another Dream Car of Mine

A Mazda RX-7 Built by TJ Hunt

I'm a Baseball Fanatic

David Ortiz Bat Flipping After Hitting a Home Run

Here's a Picture of a Japan

A beautiful Picture of the Cherry Blossoms in Japan

I hope to go to Japan one day

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan Roberge, I sit in the back end of the middle row in the class and hope to give everyone a litte insight of me and my life! I don't if you could already tell, but I am a car enthusiast and I always dream of having a built car to compete in Global Time Attack. After High School, I want to major in Computer Science, whilst also being able to play baseball at the same time. Outside of class, I've been trying to do a little bit of some machine learning through Python, I'm actively training for baseball, and I have a job for stocking soda and all that fun stuff... hehe... "fun stuff". If you want to learn more about me, don't be afraid to come say hi, I won't bite.